Friday, May 4, 2012

The Daily Grind for Chris and Sandy

Last year my brother got married to Sandy. She is wonderful and they are great together. I wanted to get them the best gift (cash) as they needed to do some home improvement projects and they did not register. Besides that I wanted to get them a little something that when they used they thought of us. I happened to have some paint in their color scheme and when I was hanging out with them one day I noticed that they did not have salt and pepper shakers, I prefer grinders so I thought I would make them some. I also happened to see some napkin rings at the thrift store. 

To start off I washed them really well.

Then I sanded them. Here you can see the difference. I would not say that they were perfectly sanded but they were enough to hold the paint. 

For the tops I used a straw for the pepper mill and five toothpicks for the salt shaker.

I painted a few coats.

This is how they look in their kitchen. 

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