Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bridesmaid Dresses

I absolutely love 27 Dresses. I watch it on gray days when I am feeling a little down. It makes me laugh, while at the same time appreciative for being so blessed when I have been in weddings. I have yet to have a bad experience or a bad dress. I was never told "the best thing is you can shorten it and wear it later."  For all the dresses in the movie that was a bold face lie and for many of the hideous bridesmaid dresses I have seen my friends been subjected to or the slightly better blah dress that is $300-$500.  

I think this one is actually the best.

The WORST!!!

My favorite quote form the whole movie:

"You should be flattered. She didn't want
to stand next to a tall, beautiful woman... 
and have you actually looking decent."

I say with pride that all of my bridesmaids are tall beautiful women. Case and point:

Christy Maid of Honor

Kristy - Bridesmaid

Melissa - Bridesmaid

 I want them to look exactly that when we get married. Why someone would want the other people that they are standing next to to look awful is beyond me, way, way beyond. I wanted their dress to be something that they were happy with, that did not require alterations, that was reasonably priced,  and that really could be worn again. Enter the Two Birds Bridesmaid dresses. The dresses would be black and did I mention that they can be worn over fifteen different ways. 

There was only two problems with this dress: first they start off at $270, and second they can only be purchased through the stores in LA or New York. Two hundred and seventy dollars was way more than I wanted them to spend, and that is not counting the airfare to New York or LA (even though we could make that a really amazing trip). Enter Victoria's Secret.

They have a dress that they say can be worn seven ways but it is the same concept. They cal it the Flirty Multi-way dress. I ordered one, because I wanted one anyway, we tried the styles from two birds and all of them worked. Since we were all going to Napa anyway Kristy ordered them all and scored free shipping along with a pretty good discount for ordering so much at once. Individually they are $89. 

I even wore mine (yes, I thought they were so cool I bought one) to the next wedding we were invited to, you cannot see it in all of its glory. It was a bit cold that day and everything was outside. I kept my sweater on the whole time. 

I was almost decked, I mean "caught" the bouquet. 

Mike ended up with the guarder. Ironic as we are the next to get married. 


  1. One of the techs at the Service Center is listening to Benny and the Jets right now and I immediately thought of 27 Dresses, of course! Love love love this blog, I think I need to pay you to decorate my place, clearly we have the same ideas about color. Also- Chia'sso has a really adorable spinning cake plate on their website that is red glass with clear circles on it. If it was teal I would have already bought it for you (and me, of course).

  2. I did not know this about the wedding. This was Mike's friend right?

  3. @ Venessa, yes, Mike's friend Jason the one that we went to in Seattle. @ Cindy, I love you for that! I cannot wait to see you on Saturday.