Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nail head inspiration boards

With the addition of the hutch to the guest room it changes the way the room will be laid out. I had styled these bookshelves (which I got at Target for $26 each).

Before my mom moved to Texas she was up here almost every week helping me with projects. We took out all the shelves and put in this teal flocked wrapping paper that I got at Target on clearance a few years back. I arranged them and I was pretty happy with the results.

 Then when I was playing around with the layout I realized that they were not enough. I purchased another one and went to Lowes, I left with $65 in moldings. The plan was that I would switch the bookshelves to the other wall add an additional one and have Mikey mock them to look like built in shelves. There was a few problems with this. I have already had the stuff for a month and I never so much as asked Mikey to make the time. He was in the Marines for many years and now he is going to school full time and working full time, as for the third bookshelf, well let us just say it never has made it out of my car...

I have the hutch now, it is a MAJOR project. The bottom cabinet tops are safely home with Mickey's dad who has every tool known to man and is a fantastic woodworker. Just as an example here is the entertainment center that I designed and they built 2 years ago. You cannot tell but it is made out of cedar, every time someone opens the doors it smells so good.

So anyway I have every confidence that Leonard will fix them right up and we will see them in a couple of weeks for Thanksgiving. I probably will not be done by then. That is enough rambling I think now back to the point. Whenever I take on large scale projects (which if you talk to Mikey they all are) I try and find some small ones so that I can get some instant gratification. Between the hutch and the lining for my wedding dress, which I will soon post about, lets just say I am already 90 hours in and I have one of 5 layers done. This is why I told Mikey that I needed 18 months to plan the wedding. It is a little scary that I only have 11 months left. But I have the best bride's maids in the world and an amazing work ethic. The point is I needed something easy and quick that I could look at and say "I started and finished this, this week." On Tuesday I was inspired by this post that I saw on Live Creating Yourself see Alaina's how to here. I deviated from her how to just a bit as I was so excited that I got out of work early I thought it would be a great afternoon project. Usually I am a planner, a completely neurotic planner, I used to put my shopping list in the notes section of my blackberry 6 years before they had an app for that. So I went to Joann's without a list. When I arrived home and pulled up the directions online I realized that I had purchased the incorrect type of glue. I however would not be derailed. So I took a swatch of the fabric and glued it to a cardboard box waited until it dried and found out that I could stick a pin through it so it should be fine. I am in no way taking credit for this but I made my very first how to.


  • 144  312 nickel nail heads
  • Aleene's Brush on Tacky glue
  • 1 3.5 floppy disk (but anything flat and hard with and edge will work)
  • 2 17.5x25.5 cork bords
  • Right thumb Hammer
  • Scissors
  • Patterned linen
  • Iron & starch 
 2 cork boards purchased @ the ARC for $.79 each 
Glue $1.80 (40%) off nail heads $1.49 per pack, fabric from my stash, approximative cost $11.45 per board

Both Alania and Bryn stressed the importance of ironing, I starched. 
Then I brushed on some glue for the full section of cork, do not glue the frame. 
Then like I was applying a screen proctor I squeegeed out any bubbles. 
Starting in the corner with the disk I pulled down getting rid of any bubbles. 
Simply repeat this process until you have finished the full board. 
I had been using my thumb to push the nail heads down, this is the point where I stopped for two reasons. First my thumb HURT it will be turning black and blue. Secondly I knew I would not have enough nail heads. I thought 144 should be good for both which was a severe underestimation. I will need that many for one. I enjoy them continuous instead of spaced. I was never one to shy away from bling.
This is the finished product which will go on either side of this striped piece on the wall since it will not have room on top of the new hutch.
This was a great Goodwill find years back for $13 the canvas was blank originally. It had been painted too many times though. so for this room I just got all the colors of ribbon that were in the room and hot glued them to the canvas. Now Mikey will have to hang all of these*. :)

*Mikey will be off the hook for a while, I bought all the tacks at my local Joann's went to one near by and cleaned them out, and Mikey went to the one by his work and they were out. I special ordered some, but they said it could take up to two months. Good thing I will be in Aurora next week for a meeting. I spy a Joann's in Aurora...


  1. I love it! Hopefully your thumb feels better =)

  2. Ahhhhmazing! It will all come together before Thanksgiving.