Monday, October 29, 2012


A while back a friend of mine dropped some flowers off at my house when I was feeling a little under the weather. As I was not feeling that well I just thew them in a vase. When I was on the mend the flowers were falling off of theirs.

Sad flowers.

I picked a new vase (read about when I found it here) that was half as tall and significantly wider. 
I always put in the leaves first

Cut off all the flowers that are droopy or broken, you can tell the ones that are just not going to make it. 

Then cut at a variety of sizes, add a little 7up to the water to keep them going strong. I learned this from the movie Bed of Roses. I love that movie, If you have not seen it you should check it out. I am going to have to watch it again soon.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Regretting the copper pot that I did not buy

Recently it hit me that we will be moving in the next few months. A few weeks ago I went on a bit of a purging spree. I need to do much more but I had a pretty good start. I did two and a half says straight of sorting. I also played the sadistic game of once I picked something up I had to put it where it goes. We are pretty organized but sometimes when we are working on projects supplies get put away with the project in progress and then we do not go back and work on it for a while the result when everything is put back in its place? Realizing that you have 47 perfectly functional and not at all dried out black sharpies. I have always had a love for sharpies but that seems a little excessive even for me.

One of the side effects of all of this cleaning. Less buying. I have learned to regret some of that though. A few weeks ago I was at the thrift store and I saw a copper pot that had little gold handles and feet. I carried it around protectively for about 20 minutes, having one of those Confessions of a shopaholic moments. Do I need this, Do I need this. Yes as I have hands and they can get cold. I was not so lucky to figure out a reason though. So I responsibly left it there. Damit. After we brought in our plants for the winter. They now live in the guest bedroom, there is something about having fresh tomatoes that makes you never want to go back so we got the lights and the timer and everything. I will not show you pictures because they are UGLY. Anyway, I thought it would be so nice to have the hydrangeas in the living room on our travertine herringbone table. They have not flowered in a while but just the leaves are beautiful Then I thought back to that copper pot and how lovely it all would have looked, something like this:

Guess I will just have to be on the lookout. 

Saturday, October 27, 2012


I was one of those people that were uber excited about the Nate Burkus line at Target, and I was disappointed. Firstly in the lack of execution from Target, who I still heart by the way. Secondly how long it took after the release for it to be shelved. Thirdly on how none of their employees had any clue what I was talking about. Lastly, I felt a little disappointed over all in the collection. I did not find a single thing that I could not live without.  But they have the Geek Squad, and Starbucks and Threshold. I am in love. Fall in love with me:

Threshold™ Storage Cube with Rope Handle - Maverick Brown

I could use some of these for storage, the cubes would fit in our laundry room but it would be a shame to have them behind closed doors. It just makes me long for built-ins in the guest room. 

Threshold™ Overcast Wash Sham - Blue

I love the chevron stitching and these would be great in the new guest room. 

Threshold™ Glass Water Bottle - Elephant Gray (1 Liter)

They are cute and they seal, what a great alternative to my penguin water bottles. 

Threshold™ Bathroom Tumbler - Clear/Brass

They are made for the bathroom, but I would love one for my bedside table. It would keep the dust out.

Threshold™ Footed Glass Vase (12")

I could put rocks in the bottom and plant my hydrangeas on top. It would live on our living room table. 

Target Home™ Floral Bath Rug - Yellow (20x34")

Years ago I found a bathmat that I loved and I stitched 15 together to make a large rug, I would do it again for the guestroom.

What have you found at Target recently.