Monday, September 13, 2010

Blue Suede Wedding Shoes

So, as a planner I have been looking for the shoes since the week after Mikey proposed. I found the Vera Wang Lavender Label “Lisa” and I fell in love… with everything, EXCEPT the price tag. 

They were sparkly, comfortable, and have the same name as my stepmom. I lusted after them for months before I ever went to Nordstrom to try them on. The day came and I went. It was if the skies had parted and the sun was streaming down as the sales man came out of the back room with the shoes. I felt as I believed Cinderella felt when the prince was putting the shoe on her foot. Until I looked down, for the $295 I felt as though something was missing. I left not looking back and remember telling Leslie the next day that I was resolved to make my own. I searched through many antique stores and flea markets looking for something that I could disassemble and make in to my dream wedding shoes. For those who know me I never shy away from a project and I think that it makes it special to have a story and the time invested in the item. Months of this shopping went on, I never really found anything. I would always tell myself well that is just fine because I still have eighteen months. But as the time ticked by and the year date is quickly approaching, as the crossed off items on my to do list became father apart I got nervous. Out of that nervousness I went to Nordstrom one day during their anniversary sale determined to leave with a simple pair of black flats that I could then embellish. This would be great, I love a little frosting and I figured I could wear them for all sorts of events afterword as Mikey likes it better when I wear flats and a great pair is so hard to fine. I went home with the Jessica Simpson ballet flat in black suede. Which surprised me as I had sworn off suede years ago. I hate how they change as soon as they get wet regardless of how they are weather proofed; as I live in Colorado it seems foolish that they would never get wet. They did make it long enough for me to show two of my bridesmaids. Then I decided that I should not been settling for the wedding, so back they went. Then I found a pair at they had bling and they were off white, closed toed, flats. Juna by Report

When I got them they still were not right. They are cute, I think I will keep them :) I visit things when I like them, the Maxwell sofa that I have loved for a decade and go sit on every time I go to Park Meadows mall. When I was “visiting” them the other day not only did I see they were on sale but I met their sister, Millie

(sigh) They were thirty-five percent off, and I liked them more than the Lisa. They scored 4 out of 5. I did struggle with the fact they would end up costing more than my dress (It is Enzoni, tag price is thousands of dollars yet that is not what I paid). After encouragement from several good friends and my mom I was still unsure, it was my awesome and very handsome bother Christopher Kenneth Tietz the first, that convinced me to finally get them, in navy. They won’t go with my black dress after words, but hey it is my wedding. They should be here when I get back from Napa. Nothing to help smooth over the loss of a vacation like a brand new sparkly check off my to do list on my doorstep. 

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  1. Amazing, my baby. I am so proud of your work and so glad you hopefully have found your glass slippers.
    I promise to start my blog as soon as I am mostly done packing. I HEART YOU SO MUCH AS ALWAYS. The Mommy