Saturday, October 27, 2012


I was one of those people that were uber excited about the Nate Burkus line at Target, and I was disappointed. Firstly in the lack of execution from Target, who I still heart by the way. Secondly how long it took after the release for it to be shelved. Thirdly on how none of their employees had any clue what I was talking about. Lastly, I felt a little disappointed over all in the collection. I did not find a single thing that I could not live without.  But they have the Geek Squad, and Starbucks and Threshold. I am in love. Fall in love with me:

Threshold™ Storage Cube with Rope Handle - Maverick Brown

I could use some of these for storage, the cubes would fit in our laundry room but it would be a shame to have them behind closed doors. It just makes me long for built-ins in the guest room. 

Threshold™ Overcast Wash Sham - Blue

I love the chevron stitching and these would be great in the new guest room. 

Threshold™ Glass Water Bottle - Elephant Gray (1 Liter)

They are cute and they seal, what a great alternative to my penguin water bottles. 

Threshold™ Bathroom Tumbler - Clear/Brass

They are made for the bathroom, but I would love one for my bedside table. It would keep the dust out.

Threshold™ Footed Glass Vase (12")

I could put rocks in the bottom and plant my hydrangeas on top. It would live on our living room table. 

Target Home™ Floral Bath Rug - Yellow (20x34")

Years ago I found a bathmat that I loved and I stitched 15 together to make a large rug, I would do it again for the guestroom.

What have you found at Target recently.

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