Sunday, September 2, 2012

Wishing for an EPIC room makeover.

I know that I have been hiding under a rock lately, just like that guy in the Geico commercial but I heard something recently that has lured me out of hiding. Mandy from Vintage Revivals is giving away a room makeover and I so badly want it! What room do I want made over you ask? The guest bedroom. I know that I did a ton of work in there which you can check out here. I also did a lot of cool projects for that room:

For Mandi and those of you that do not know the story of this room, it is orange, I mean ORANGE. 

Yes, we live in Colorado, no we are not Broncos fans. It all started when Mike was in Iraq and I had my first ever apartment. Correction I had lived in apartments before but never by myself with complete design control and man did I use it. One of the projects that I did while living there was a shower curtain that I really did not want to part with. After we purchased our condo we made the agreement that we both wanted to love where we lived and that we should agree on what was being designed. I really needed the bathroom to be teal to work with this curtain that I had pain-stakenly sewn. Mike was not in a hurry to live in a teal, light teal, island blue, lime green and brown box, as my apartment had been in every single room. So a compromise was made. I would get to pick the color of the guest bathroom, if he got to pick the color of the guest bedroom. He picked orange. I wanted him to have what he wanted, and I wanted to have what I wanted. So painting started. The first color looked like tomato soup. The second color is what you see now. I had all of the island theme bedding and such from a guest bedroom, from like 5 or 6 years ago. I did the best that I could. We wanted something bold, it scared us, we thought we were maybe just being wusses, that maybe we would get used to it. We didn't. It has been 2 years and I think that it is probably time to move on. 

This is what the room looks like today, I took down the main tropical coverlet. However now that I think of it, knowing you would have preferred to end up in Florida I can put it back if you would like. Will that help my chances?  

The curtains are just from Ikea, they more then "kiss the floor" they are kind of making out with it, or puddling whatever you would like to call it. Great idea until we switched the layout of the room. Now they are 50% unusable and irrelevant. 

Mandi likes nailhead, so do I. 

I wish Mandi would come makeover our room. 

I have a few quirky items I thought you might appreciate. 

A heartfelt letter. 

The hutch that I made over that I had always planned to have some sort of stencil inside but it never happened due to the horrible stenciling incident of 2010. 

Mandi, I need your help! Not just my room but me as a DIYer. I have spray painted before but you are like a black belt of the rattle can and I need your expertise. Teach me your ways. 

I love, love, love your upholstery projects the chair from the ERM last year, I mean you had me at Kelly green but I love it for so many more reasons that that. The chair in your master as well I love the coral pipping. 

We also already covered stenciling. Girl, please show me how to work that magic! It looks like your walls have orange peal texture too. How do you do the things you do?

I want this room to be bold, funky and I want the people who stay here to have fun while they are here. I need it to be a functioning craft room as well. It is good for me to have a place to go and work on things when my husband needs some quiet. Also it is great to have a place to work on projects that has a door that can close. :) 

Pretty much everything in the room can stay or go. I just need there to be a bed, and a sturdy large desk. If I could wish for one crazy thing it would probably be built-ins on the whole wall of the window. Maybe we would do them up with a crazy color on the back. Note to self crazy colors are meant for pops and accents, not the whole freaking room. Silly me. I think it would be cool to find vintage pieces that would balance on the bottom but are not necessarily the same. Maybe a cabinet on one side and a dresser on the other. Both with bookcases that go to the ceiling. We have pretty amazing thrift stores here. They may not offer the same great prices as the DI, but you can find some pretty wonderful things here. Like this Thomasville dresser and travertine herringbone coffee table,  
this cute owl, wax art, and random other things.  I have a great house to shop from. I know great people that we can utilize for help and expertise. 

Also Colorado has nice weather in October, and you will probably be here to see the aspens change. 

Did I mention that my husband and I got married at the end of September last year?

This would be a really cool anniversary gift!

And it would be so wonderful for all of my great girlfriends, I have really been blessed with knowing these girls. We have been through so much through the years. Every year we throw a New Years party and have a Regifting party that they all fly out for. For my parents and my in-laws who are all phenomenal and have helped us with so much. Like for example ripping out carpet that we should have probably had hazmat suits for priming the whole condo, putting in hardwood floors, on a 45 (just because I thought it would be nice) and moving us in to our condo all in 2 weekends when they all live several hours away. When they come visit I want them to have a wonderful place to stay. Can you help me with that Mandi? Pretty pretty please?

My house is structurally sound. I have a garage that we can work on projects in. I sew, I can lift relativity heavy things but I also know people that can help with that. I love a good project and I am not afraid of hard work, neither is my husband. I am not bribing but my husband and I love to cook and bake. Do you and Hailee like to eat? Also my complex has a hot tub which can be very nice after a long day of painting, stenciling, lifting heavy stuff, thrifting and reupholstering. My husband and I are not ax murderers. If you want to get to know me/us better here is a link to my boards on the guestroom and desk on pintrest. 
 If you want to enter Mandi's contest just click here

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  1. Holy awesome room. I would LOVE to come to Co. and help you out!!! Thank you SO much for entering and good luck my dear!

    Love your guts