Friday, January 24, 2014

A list

I saw this wonderful list over at Inspired by Charm a blog which I am now completely enamored with. Anyway I felt listy today and may reuse this in the future. Mixed with some Instagram photos as of late. 

making : Many things covered in gold leaf. 
cooking : bacon with brown sugar and ground pepper. 
drinking : blueberry tea. Specifically this kind. The polar vortex has come to Texas.
reading : Cooked by Michael Pollan I started reading it in July and forgot about it with the move. I am starting over today. 

wanting : oh, man I have a whole list, have you heard of hukkster?
looking : for something fulfilling to do, and something to put in my new brass bud vase. 
wishing : That Texas thrift stores were on par with what I am used to. 
playing : Someone like you by Adele.
wasting : these candles from bath and body works, I told myself I cannot get new ones until I finish these. Insert mental picture of me always burning them carrying them around the house with me. 
enjoying : my freshly laundered sheets.
waiting : my husband had an "ice day" today. lol. I have to pretend like he is not here so he can work, but I know he is here and I just want to snuggle. 
liking : the texture of homemade noodles from the other night. 

wondering : Is he done yet?
loving : monograms, seriously my favorite thing acquired from the south. Sadly this laptop case from West Elm did not work out for my laptop. 

hoping : to do some watercolors this next week. 
listening: to albums from Adele, Florence and the Machine and the Breakfast at Tiffany's soundtrack that I just imported on to my computer. Those last 2 may have been from 2011 but I found them while cleaning yesterday. 
marveling : at this barn, I want to live there. 
needing : to find my favorite painting that has been missing since the move. 
sowing : a plan to shed a few pounds. My fitbit may breakup with me. 
smelling : lavender oil, I cut my thumb last night chiseling hot glue off of scrabble tiles that were on our reception tables, or coasters, or our scrabble vow art that I have not shared.  
wearing : one of my husband's shirts and jeans.
following : Young House Love, Every weekday at 9am. 
noticing : that all my apple devises are not communicating as they should, I must need to got to the store next week. 
knowing : that I miss my girls. 
thinking : about finally finishing that penny table.

bookmarking : about a gazillion things on Pintrest, like this bedroom I really want this plant, Does anyone know what it is? I think waking up to those flowers everyday would be a little bit of heaven. 

opening : a box from Sephora, I am pretty much in love with the whole boscia line. 
giggling : about the amount of ice that causes an "ice day." As my cousin Carolyn stated "
Y'all. It's like the thinnest glaze of ice. I suggestively raised an eyebrow at my windshield and it defrosted. Get it together." 
watching : Reign last night was a game changer, I cannot help it I am obsessed.
feeling : abit lethargic today. 

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  1. I am so so happy to see a new post! And I do love lists, lol. A couple notes- the blueberry tea was our "ticket" when we went to Celestial Seasonings together, I think the plant looks like Butterfly Bush which I grew up having in my backyard, and I have been wishing for the same luck you always have in thrift stores since I've known you, haha. Loved this post!