Tuesday, February 4, 2014

This week

After seeing this image I finally justified buying some of the new blue mason jars.

 I bought some Thai curry soup from Noodles & company over the weekend and put it in the mason jars for when I am sick. When I am sick I always want that soup and now that we do not live right across the street from one the odds of going out to get it when sick are even less likely. 

I also picked up some new bath mats to try out I selected these from Target

I have been having a bugger of a time finding rugs for in the bathroom that I actually like. I picked these up to try, they do not have the "fingers" that look great all fluffed up but horrible all matted down that happens after about one shower. I really like the microfiber memory foam pads. That is what we had in both of the bathrooms in the condo. But as soon as you wash them, even following all the directions they look horrible. Truth be told we have three different bath rugs/mats in our bathroom right now as these did not make the cut and they are going back. I had them laid out in there for less than a day before I knew they would not work. My brother and Sandy were visiting from Colorado and thought that it was quite humorous that I had three mats in the bathroom with all the tags on. In the end I did not even get to see if they got matted down. We have double sinks again and I would really like to find one that is long enough for both of them 20x70 and then by the shower 30x20. What did these in for me, they were not a single rug and kept separating and I thought that looked horrible. The binding on the sides prevented me from connecting them like the rug I made for our old apartment. They were not plush enough so I found myself putting our old rugs underneath for more comfort and you could see they were layered. They are by the door awaiting their travels back. It is a shame too, they were on sale and there was a $10 coupon and I used a store credit from a gift from a Christmas gift exchange that did not work out. So finding rugs at Target really would be best. At this time I am unwilling to compromise. I always end up regretting it and buying something else. So I might as well wait it out to find something I am really in love with.

I may have found an option for the double sinks but it has its issues as well.

First issue this rug is $200. The three that I got at Target were under $50 for all of them. Second this is not a bath rug. It also states it needs a rug pad so add $24, plus shipping. It does not have a matching rug for by the shower so I would need to find something complementary. It has gray in it which is not in my current color scheme, however I would not be opposed to adding it. I also have not seen it in person.

I have been working a lot in the bathroom, I have a lot of things I am preparing to go up in there and I am anxiously waiting an order of more art to come in. Truth be told If I could have my way we would be going with a very bold navy on the walls in there. Unfortunately that is not in the cards. So to compensate I will be adding a ton of color through art. More updates to come. 

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