Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day Wish List

Here is a quick list of lovely gift ideas for Valentine's day. 

Ziegfield Collection Black Onyx Tassel Necklace I have had my eye on this for a while. I think it would be wonderful at work with a pencil skirt. 

Ziegfield Collection Black Onyx Earrings These would go well with the necklace above. I also have the graduation jewelry from my college graduation they would match. I think they would be nice with a tee shirt and jeans, like pearls with a little bit of an edge. 

Sweet Dreams print from Clare Elsaesser I love Clare's work and she is a total sweetie. What is a better gift than spending the day in bed with your love and having this to remember it by. She has several of couples in bed like this but this is my favorite as all the guys in her paintings have dark hair and Mikey is blond. 

Golden Love small heart agate druzy earrings with sterling silver posts I just saw these on Etsy today and I love them even though I do not traditionally like gold. 

Boscia Tsubuki Beauty Oil a great product and appropriate due to the packaging. Mike loves it because it makes my skin so soft. 

Boscia Tsubuki Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask If this is anything like the oil...

Boscia Tsubuki Cleansing Oil Gel Just to round out the collection.

Happy Valentines Day. 

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