Monday, February 28, 2011

My Paper Mess

So my New Years Post I was talking about my paper clutter issues:

I will have my paper boxes transfered over to electronic copies, no small task as I have already mad over 1,000 scans and I have at least six or seven boxes in the guest room and I cannot recall if I have any in the garage and at this very moment I am too much of a chicken to go and look 

It is something that I have been working on to the despair of Mike and my living room, it is a hot mess in here right now but I am making progress, To date I have seven full shredded bags of information not all of that I chose to scan in but you have to protect yourself.I also have a very large box of just recycle. I love taking ideas from magazines. On hair, make up, outfits, recipes, projects ect. But not all of them are still applicable and while I used to make thirty percent of my clothes I have gone away from that in the past few years and I do not feel like I need to keep that stuff. I also just need to take a day and go through my old college papers and see if they are on my computer, they all should be and then just get rid of the hard copies. That would probably be a whole extra box of stuff I could shred. I also recently decided that I need to reorganize my school stuff that is on my computer. Right now it is all separated by semester which was a good idea while I was in school but not such a great Idea now, I am going to take out all of those extra folders and just have the classes. Now that I am a few years removed I cannot remember which class I took which semester and I cannot really think of a reason why that would be relevant. I also need to make sure that I have no duplicates. One day I will be done for now I just need to look at this:

Well I am off to work, the maybe to Sam's Club I need a twelve pack of non childproof lighters, I do not smoke it is for a project, I will blog about that later,  then a doctor's appointment (which happens to be right across the street from a Goodwill I do not frequent, but will be stopping by today, and no I did not plan it that way. However I will take advantage of the situation), stopping and then heading home to work on a project for my brother.  

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