Sunday, February 27, 2011

West Elm Loot! Part 2

So remember when I told you that I finally spent my heath coach bonus at West Elm? If you missed it you can see it here. Well I did not get to share everything with you guys, time to remedy that.

This is what we had before, this was a microfiber comforter that I got at the Mervyn's closing sale. I had washed it before I am sure of it, however when I washed it or rather dried it the last time it did not work out so well. See the middle how its pulling well that is not just the way it is laying, that is where the dryer melted it. 

I decided to donate it to the ARC because I had plenty of other blankets to fill up the duvet with and this was a whole set, someone might enjoy or it was a really great comforter for a duvet, for me it was a queen and I needed a king. This is what it looked like when it was all done.

See how the blues don't match really? Well I thought that maybe if I injected some white it might make it better. I tried it out for three weeks, it did not get any better. Plus when I had been using them as covers and cuddling and then Mike would come and sit down there was this wonderful tearing noise. We never saw the tear in the fabric but it was unnerving. So I brought it back on Thursday and was going to exchange it of this one however when I saw it in person it is more blue than gray hence the same problem:

So I got the white one instead.

It is white not cream so I cannot use it on the futon which is now naked. I will have to figure that out another day in the meantime these will just have to put these in linen closet with the solarized set for when we redo the master. 

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