Saturday, February 26, 2011

Soft Scrub

I feel as though I reduce and recycle an awful lot but where I am very focused right now is REUSE. I was taking a shower and using some of the last of my Aveda Damage Remedy shampoo and I realized that the bottle was exceptionally well made and I should try and use it for something else. I am trying to only buy Comet as far as cleaning products go and I bought a value pack from Sam's Club so I will have some for a while. I was missing my Soft Scrub so I decided to make some.

So I gathered some materials that I had around the house
  • A lone sock, I think the dryer ate the other one. 
  • Iron on letters from an old project I made a shirt that said cutely neurotic I did not have all the letters I needed but I could make them.
  • My bottle
  • Scissors
  •  Comet
  • Mixing Bowl


I ironed on all the letters that I had cut up to work and combined Comet and water to make a paste. 

This was the finished product. It would be a lot cooler if i had a silhouette and could make a vinyl label but it will work in the meantime. 

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