Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thrifting Thursday

I have not been going thrifting as much as usual during the whole wedding process. I thought I would share a few things with you, first things I did not end up getting:

I would love to get some solid wood bookcases to replace our black ones. They are the first thing you see when you come in to our place. I thought I had found a set for $14.99 each but when I brought Mikey in he said they were just veneer. I wanted to strip them, sand them and stain them black but with just veneer it is not worth the risk. 

This end table had a similar story. I love its midcentry lines and how it would have complemented our entertainment center. I could tell that the legs were solid the top and casing was veneer which I was ok with on this piece. I had wanted to remove the handle and put a matching handle to our entertainment center. That was why this piece failed to launch. The way the handle was secured on would not come off without marring the whole front. Darn. 

This piece I did come home with for only $.78. This picture does not do it justice. It is completely made from wax. Seriously... The back says:

Miniature Wax Pictures
By Colleen and Scott Rice 
These beautiful miniatures are painted with melted colored wax on paper using a patented technique called CireCraft. Marie-Claire Wadden, a French painter, developed CireCraft fifteen years ago from inspiration she received in a dream.
Specially coated paper is pulled through pools of melted wax to achieve the background. Then a small iron is used to paint in the subject matter and accents. The iron acts much like a palette knife does working with oils, adding or removing wax and blending colors. Because the wax has a mind of its own, each painting is unique and cannot be duplicated.

There was then their names and phone number. Which I considered placing here so if people were interested in the wax painting they could contact them. Putting your name and phone number on the back of a painting is very different then putting your info on the net. So I googled them to see if they had a site. I found something unexpected. It kind of blows my mind, but the info is consistent.

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