Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Master Bedroom Update

Remember a while ago when I was talking about the color that we wanted to paint our bedroom? If not you can check out the post here. Well it was the weekend of my birthday when we happened to find out that the paint at Sherwin Williams was 40% off so not only did we get the paint and primer for the dining room chairs that we went in for we got the paint for the master bedroom as well. When we were getting the room ready to paint I talked to Mikey about another issue that I wanted us to fix.

We somehow ended up with high-water curtains. As a tall individual I would say that few things irritate me more than high-water pants and high-water curtains fall into the same category. 

As we were putting out the drop cloth to paint I realized that you can probably tell a lot about a person by looking at their drop cloth. 

I love the depth of this color how much it changes when the window are open or closed. 

When mom and Greg were out here for the wedding one of the gifts they got us was the bed frame that we have been coveting for a while from West Elm:
We will eventually get the matching headboard and nightstands but I want to wait until they are 15% off. Then it will look like this:

Just in the chocolate color. I want swinging arm lamps so we still have room for storage. 

The curtains are still a bit high for my liking but I have a plan... More to come. 

The screen in the back I found at Salvation Army one day for $7.50. The slats in the bed are kind genius, even if you have a bed with regular slats just get some ribbons and a staple gun measure it out and staple it on then they are all equal distance apart and connected. 

We added our duvets that we had gotten previously. 

The large print that I painted the frame and the mat for also found a home in there.  

Upcoming projects for the Master Bedroom:

  • Scrabble tile art
  • Extended curtains
  • Picture Ledges

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