Thursday, December 23, 2010

Loot & twilight Christmas ornaments

Yes it is 3:23 am , but I cannot sleep...

I have to admit that I often get jealous while reading other blogs because they seem to have access to much more inexpensive loot at thrift stores than I do, it makes me sad :(

The other day I got all of this for under $7 and that included a $1 donation to kids with learning disabilities.

First it needed a good cleaning.

Which I have done here, then a lot of it went on to be spray painted. Not this object that is in the lower right, I think that is just perfect just how it is. I am not really sure what it was in it's former life but it will now be a vase, as my last large vase became Ernie's home. Remember that post about tissue Christmas trees? Well I wanted them to have some varying height. So I went and got some pedestals for them. Mikey was pretty amazed as I was hot gluing them on to their new bases yesterday. "How did you get those to be the right size?" Well Mikey you should know by now that I am just that good! I did not even bring measurements with me. 

Just look at them now! The white pine-cone pedestal will be getting a tree after the holiday. I will try and figure out how to make this larger as I want the third tree to be the tallest by about three inches. I have to wait until my wonderful friend Leslie:

Comes back from Montana for the holidays because she is brining me pine-cones back so I can make one of these:

I saw this tree in a post from 320 Sycamore the other day and knew I had to have one, I am not so sure about the glitter snow, and I might paint the base with the riser brown. The other day my step-dad came to visit and brought me my Christmas ornaments. When I was young my aunt Janet used to fill clear Christmas ornaments with things, my favorite one had gotten broken in transit. 

It is funny because I usually do not like iridescent rainbow stuff. You can tell from the other ones what it would have looked like previously. 

I could not find any clear ornaments at either thrift store that I went to that day so I picked up these frosted ones. 

I also filled some up with more cut up pages from the twilight book. 


  1. I am glad you could not sleep because my day is better at work when I have a new post to read :-)

  2. I am sorry one got broken. Sad, sad panda. Your stuff is great as usual!