Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Travertine Herringbone Coffee Table

On March 19 Mikey and I bought a round  herringbone travertine coffee table. It is beautiful. The legs were not stained a shade I did not like, 70's golden brown.

If that was not bad enough, and it totally was, it was damaged and chipped. I knew it had to be totally redone.

Mikey convinced me to do the scariest thing that I have ever done with furniture, we took the top off. I was afraid that it would ruin the structural integrity of the piece. But it did not. :)

Remember the post that I did on how stripper reacts differently to different substances well this was no exception this blistered there really is not a different word for it. 

Then I stripped it again,

and again, 

and again, 

then I sanded, 

and sanded,

then Mikey stained it three times as I cannot be trusted with stain. 

This stuff was actually very amazing I wish we had this when we were doing the entertainment center. 

It is General Finishes in black. I cannot give you a real picture as my can is not so pretty anymore. 

Finished result. 

I finished this back in July but I was consumed with all things wedding I never shared it with you and I wanted to. I hope you enjoyed this and learn that if something has great bones you can make a great transformation. So when grandma offers you some family heirlooms...

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  1. I love it. good choice on the espresso stain. I'm hosting a giveaway at DIY Home Sweet Home.
    I would love for you to stop by and check it out.

  2. that looks beautiful! the top is really cool!

  3. The top is what really sold us. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. How cool is this?! I know what you mean about scary taking furniture apart, but it's SOOO worth it!

    Visiting from TT&J linky party,
    Smiles and thanks for sharing :D
    ~Suzanne in NW Illinois