Monday, April 11, 2011

Mr. Steamy

It was part of my New Years post and my New Years Resolution to consume less. So when I finally ran out of the stock pile of fabric softer that I had, we buy in bulk to reduce packaging. So last week I bought a Mr. Steamy. It is advertised that you can put dress shirts in and they will come out ready to wear.

Step 1 - Add water to Mister Steamy. Step 2 - Toss Mister Steamy in the dryer. Step 3 - As dryer heats up ball steams up!From cottons to polys to blends...Mister Steamy is the fastest way to get wrinkles out without getting the iron out. 
{Via Mr. Steamy site}

While I do not think that it replaces ironing. But I do think that it replaces dryer sheets. :) 

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