Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday Thrifting

Today I had a lot on my mind, I needed to do something relaxing, so I went to the thrift store that is near my place, the same one where I recently found the solution to my shoe storage and our coffee table. Today I only spent $1.36, however I did see a few things with potential like this side table

I thought it could be classed up by changing out the hardware and painting it cream.

This I would have purchased if it was not $10 I have a large metal bucket that I keep in the guest room to keep extra items in that guests may need. Currently it just sits on the ground, but I have been looking for something to raise it up a bit for a while now. If this had been $5 we would be having a different conversation here. It is made of solid wood, I have also come to observe that if there is an inspector stamp somewhere on the item it is usually of pretty good quality.

This one had one. I am not sure what the surface was made of, it was not solid wood. 

This little beauty was $5, but it was pretty rickety even though I fiddled around with it for a while. It even had a matching friend. The top is it marble you ask? No, it is contact paper, and while I like the lines of the item and I could have stripped off the contact paper and made a more desirable surface, I am not sure it would have been repairable to be solid again. 

Lamp redo's are very popular right now. These would have been ideal options if I needed some lamps. They are a matching set, although one was very obviously much nearer to a window. Paint would fix that right up.

They had this really lovely solid wood detailing at the bottom.

These trays would have been a great project. I think someone had gotten them with that in mind as one was very poorly painted black. They were $5 each, if they were less I would have gotten them and painted them out to have a great colored trim with chalkboard paint on the inside, or painted them black or white and cut out a very large photo for them to be frames. 

This was $45, and I think that it could be well worth that with a little work. If you got a dremel tool and cut off all of the detailing and refinished the wood you would have a great bricklayer table that seem to be all the rage right now, but have the simple, clean lines to achieve staying power. 

This is what I actually bought.  It needs some work. it looks like they had something glued to the top that they ripped off.

The other side is very nice, so with a little work, it will be amazing. 

It is so great that you can stash things inside, I have not figured out what I am going to put inside yet. 

It has found a new home, with something on top, so I can hide the scar for awhile. The little lantern I painted recently, this is what it looked like before.

I saw it ten years ago and had to have it. It was never really my style, it is now though. 

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