Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wood Stump Box Makeover

On Thursday only spent $1.36 thrifting. You can check out all the really cool things that I saw and passed up here. I saw a box like this somewhere pretty hip a while back, West Elm maybe? I do not recall excactly. What I can remember is that they wanted  $50 or $60 for it which is just highway robbery in my opinion. Making some thing like this does require a lot of skill or just having the right tool to carve out the inside, cut the top off perfectly and then make a dowel out of  the innerds that you cut out. If they wanted to be more neurotic they could have cut the dowel from the same part in the guts so the rings would line up. Back to where we started:

I am really curious what they had initially glued on to the top and then later ripped off. 

The dowel hinge was in great shape it opens and closes easily. The had drilled in from the bottom not all the way through. So if I had not had to sand down the top so much you would never had know it was there. 

This was after a good sanding. See the dowel in the middle?

It had seemed that they had used wax or something on the box. I did not have any wax at home and it was late at night. I decided that I wanted to oil it. So I googled instructions and started applying coats. It took five in all I just kept applying as it was allowing it to soak in. 

I wiped off the excess that did not soak in and buffed the whole thing with a paper towel.

All done!

 It was a great simple quick restore. Unlike my other project I have going on:

This is the office chair.

These are two of the seven dinning room chairs (see their former appearance here and here), I am hoping to have six of the eight total chairs completed this week. By the way Sherwin Williams is having a 40% off sale on paint and stain right now, check it out. 

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  1. wow. I love that stump box. You gave it a new life!