Monday, November 1, 2010

Past Projects

SO... I know it has been a while, I have been suffering from computer problems and I have been so very sick. But today with my new loaner computer and my first day off antibiotics I thought it was time to get back in to it. I do not work until later today. However I was up early because Mikey had a job interview in Boulder. As I have been pursing my favorite blog love & lace I found that in her latest post she is thinking of painting her stairway the same color we have planned for our master bedroom and she even cited the same picture from West Elm that I have hanging in the guest room right now.

Mikey and I have been talking about the master bedroom and master bathroom a lot, as they are the last bits of the condo that are unpainted and vastly untouched. Last night we were discussing if we would keep the current coverlet in there or get a new one. I am open to get a new one but I will never get rid of this one. Originally I purchased this material from Hancock Fabrics probably in 2005 because it was on clearance and it was from the first fabric line of Laurie Smith, remember Laurie Smith from Trading Spaces? The show that really helped my love of design. 

Anyway I originally purchased the fabric to recover my mom's outdoor furniture, but alas, she did not like it. So it sat on its bolt in my parents basement for years and years. Then when Mikey went to  Iraq it was suppost my big project when he was gone. I was a little to busy refurnishing furniture for my first solo apartment as seen below.
These were my first dining room chairs, soon to receive a make over...

This was the main color scheme of the apartment with the blue from the chairs.

This was a hand me down dresser from my mom, it was really a shame that there is not a before picture as it was forest green and cream sponge paint. 

This believe it or not was a fixture that had been added by the previous owners of my parent's RV. 
Amazing what a little paint and new pulls will do. 

This was a media console that I got on clearance at Best Buy for $9.99 some feet and black paint.

Ah, now here is the coverlet in question. I did it by hand, it just happened AFTER Mikey got back from Iraq, and to be fair he was back sooner than planned. :) Two weeks ago my bother, his girlfriend Sandy, my dad and step mom Lisa came up. I was giving Chris (my Brother) and Sandy a tour. She said that the bed spread looked like something from Pottery Barn, I said yeah, that was like 120 hours of my life. Sandy thought I was kidding. Chris had to explain that I was not...

I did not even hand stitch the whole thing, only the large v shaped branches, with DMC 5 colorfast thread number 725.  

It is even complete with this box pleat bed skirt, I had to make it custom with more complimenting Laurie Smith fabric. I suppose "complete" is a bit of an over statement, as there are still 2 shams and a throw pillow that will match the bed skirt to be completed. Stay tuned.

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