Sunday, April 29, 2012

April Happy Birthday and Earth Month

You should always anticipate to spend more money the month of your birthday. There will be your present to your self and probably a meal or a few. But there is the budgeting that is needed to have the extra money to spend for all the discounts you will be getting. Here are a few that I used yesterday and I happened to be lucky enough to be born during earth month so I got extra good deals this year. I love, love, love Aveda, I have their rewards program and I have enough points for one of their vacation prizes and half way to another.  When we have the time and money to make it worth it Mikey and I will be going here:

And Aveda will be picking up part of the tab. Anyway back to yesterday. I love Aveda's tea, see that small bottle it is $26 so I really ration myself. But when I went in yesterday the large jar there (over seven times the size of the normal bottle) was $50 and the whole amount went to a local charity. SOLD!

I am so sorry I did not know about this earlier but this sale keeps going but only until tomorrow, so if you are interested go tomorrow.  On the same premise their Blue oil, normal size $15, Earth month size $30 and all the money went to charity. SOLD!

For earth month they offered an extra 500 bonus point if you buy 2 liters. 

They also sent me a coupon for double points. So not only did I get the points for what I actually paid for but and additional 1,000 points.

I also had coupons to get all of this stuff free. Yay! I don't stick to the coupons that they send me I also take ones out of magazines.

On to Bare Minerals. I needed base and mineral veil. Which typically will run you $60 for both. I had a 15% off coupon for my birthday. When I got there they were doing a build your own starter kit for the same amount.  So I ended up getting a blush, bag and eye shadow for free. While the bag is white and not quite my color, but I love the separate compartment for the brushes. And with the 15% off it was less than I expected. 

I have loved Bare Minerals however, I recently heard about a company called Everyday Minerals. They are vegan, organic, eco-friendly, they value sustainability,  it is a Texas based company and they are half the price of Bare Minerals. They will send you seven samples for free you just have to pay shipping and handling. Right now if you buy any three big sized products you get 25% off, and their original glo bases are only $10 on farewell tour. $7.50 get out... 

Lastly DSW sent me a $5 coupon. I could not find a single pair of shoes that I could not live without. So I got some socks.

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