Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Brunch and Adults only Easter Egg Hunt

I do not know what it has been this year but I have been hosting less and attending more. I think that the back to back New Years and Second Annual Re-gifting party was enough for a while. My friend Melissa recently hosted my murder mystery birthday party and this weekend we attended the Easter brunch at my brother and sister in-law's house. Now on to the goodies...

Sandy my amazing sister in-law is a DIYer as well, She made everything look so beautiful. I love the function of her chalkboard she can use it for any future gatherings. 

She also used the chalkboard paint on the charges, I love the way she pulled the table off, it is also a plus that she does not have serial killer hand writing like me. She got two teal tablecloths and used some leftover burlap from our wedding to bridge them.  

I love their art wall but more on that another time. 

Sandy's mother Debbie and sister Milane made them.

Strawberry lemonade and deviled eggs.

You can see Lisa's bunny pitcher that has mimosas in it,

Her beautiful bunny plate full of blackberries,

and these brie tarts with habanero jelly.

When we were getting ready I made this flower out of fruit.

Sandy also put pink tulip doilies by everyone's place setting.

Fruit to be dipped in chocolate!

Spring flowers. 

Little lambs.

Balloon Eggs.

Detail of cupcakes.

SO remember when I said we had a adult Easter egg hunt? ;) There were also lotto tickets and of course candy. I found the golden egg, what did I win?

A lifetime supply of peeps. I tried to give as many away as possible, while I like peeps as much as the next girl I do not love 22 boxes of them. 

I hope you had a wonderful Easter. 

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  1. You know what the best thing to do with Peeps is? Save them for camping and summer roasting marshmallows over the campfire! Roasted Peeps are much yummier than plain! And really good in s'mores! Wish I won that... :)