Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Guess who got a Campaign dresser? ---> This girl!!!

Today was off to a rough start to be honest. It was snowing when I was headed to work, I was running late. My counterpart at work was being less tolerable than usual, and one of my employees was so very much in pain from a toothache that was making the whole side of his face swell it hurt me to look at him. It did turn out to be a bit better before I left and it was a really productive day. First I was taking our camera in to Best Buy to send it to service as it has been having some issues lately, I was disappointing to be without it for a few weeks. They told me when they were checking it in that apparently they do not fix that one anymore so I got a BRAND SPANKING new one. No, it is not a DSRL, we really really want one but we are not going to get one for six months or so. This is just a point and shoot that is waterproof, shock proof and we can take it on all of our out of doors shinanagains. I will also use it for my blog till I can get my d7000. When I was driving home the sun was shining and I was talking to my mom, love her! Anyway I decided that if I was going by Best Buy that I was going to go to a thrift store that I love that I don't go to very often. That is the store that I usually have the most luck with scrabble games. I went in and saw a J Crew shirt, I usually do not look at clothes at this one but I decided to take a chance, disappointed, looked for Scrabble none to be found, walked though furniture on my way out and that its when it happened, a campaign dresser, it fit my measurements, had great hardware and was only $69.99. But then I noticed the tag was BLUE, yay $34.99. It is not solid wood, and not incredibly built but that is a third of the cost of just the hardware I was able to fine online in some cases just a single pull. Just incase you have been living under a rock for the last 6-8 months here are some of my favorites from online that are painted like I plan to:

Via Emily Henderson today no less!

Centsational Girl love the Kelly green

Cassie & Co did this totally amazing thing with starch that I will be doing!

The long and the short of it did it in white which I am considering 

I think I am going to use the painting plan from Honey and Fitz

I just wish I could have been lucky enough to find a set 

Now I just have to decide what color to paint, any suggestions?

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