Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Favorites in my Kitchen

Everyone has things that they cannot live without, well really we can but we don't really want to. Here are some of my favorite things about my kitchen.

My spice rack. I used to have all of these on the side of my fridge at my apartment but now that we own our condo and we did not have the side of the fridge exposed I got these magnet boards at The Container Store and put all the spices on them in alphabetical order.

This is probably my number one on my projects for if I had a silhouette. I would make all the spice names in cut out vinyl with designs on the top and the bottom in the same blue or charcoal paint that we use in the condo.

My vitamix ~ this thing is so incredible you can do so much with it. Cook dinner in 5 minutes automatically after a long day. Make your own powdered sugar and nut butters. And Margaritas forget about it. Plus I did not realize this until about a year after I had it but look how they made the cookbook.

The bottom flips up to prop itself up. These people are genius, and it is made in the USA and has a 7 year warranty. 

Our Penguin Water Carbonator. It was a Christmas present last year from our in-laws. We use this all the time. We can have sparkling water any time we want, which is everyday. The company forces you to recycle the cartrages (which last forever) retail for $30 however if you bring your old one back they are only $15 and if you do it at Bed Bath and Beyond you can bring in one of those $5 off coupons (they will even take expired ones) then it is $10 for us that is about 2 months of use. Additionally we are not encouraging the creation of all of those plastic bottles. We usually just put lemon juice inside, or the essences that they sell, recently I also made ginger syrup to make homemade gingerale.

Strawberry Huller

 When we were regestering for our wedding the store manager at Williams Sonoma threatened us that if we did not put this on our bridal registry she would pull it up after we left and add it. Well we put it on there and my brother Chris and his wife Sandy got it for us. Well if I am blogging about it here it is obviously amazing, check it out. 

Commercial Multi Chopper

This makes everything a snap, I used to have the smaller version but it broke and they would have just given me a new one but I wanted the extra space so I upgraded to this. 


French Fries

Apples, Lemons


In the pantry I love this vanilla 

So when I was in high school I remember being brought to Williams Sonoma. I totally FREAKED out when my step-mom Lisa spent $20 on a thing of vanilla. She told me that it made all the difference in world, I was adamant that it could not. So we went to the grocery store and I bought a normal vanilla extract and we went back to her house and cooked 2 batches of cookies one with this, one with my vanilla extract. It is safe to say that I have never used grocery store vanilla again.

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