Friday, December 2, 2011


Dear Williams-Sonoma,

You know just how to get me in to trouble. Tuesday you put nespresso on sale for 40% off, which I was really happy about because that is what Mikey wanted for Christmas. So I went to your store and got one it looks like this:

Then I woke up Wednesday and this was in my email box:

So I went and picked up some of this:
Thursday they are doing 20% off for friends and family including All Clad, We are finally getting this (I have lusted over it for a decade):
And this

Thanks to everyone who came to our wedding. We will be cooking for-ever! Mikey got our pots and pan rack this last weekend. When I was there on Wednesday buying hot cocoa I asked so are you going to be doing this everyday? Because you are getting me in a lot of trouble. May the 27 days of Christmas begin, she said yes. 



P.S. I am having the pre ugly sweater party today at work. Just to break the sweater in for Leslie's party. 

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