Saturday, March 24, 2012

Home and Garden Show

I have been up to a lot of really cool things this year but have not been posting a whole lot. I am currently in Texas visiting family but I wanted to have something for  everyone to read. A few weeks ago I went to the Denver Home and Garden show. 

It was a long day the exhibit was huge. I love love this door, I would not use it as a door. I saw and eye for an eye when I was younger and I am afraid someone would break the window. I do love this idea for a shower door. Could you imagine showering amongst the  aspen trees?

They had some really wonderful landscaping inside. 

I loved this stacked stone. 

My favorite thing from the whole event was this formed bronze sink. I want this in a bathroom on one of those counters made out of half of a tree. 

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  1. Love that sink AND the door! More like ART both of them! I want to go to the Home & Garden show one of these years...thanks for your post!