Saturday, March 31, 2012

Antiquing in Florence Colorado

A few weekends ago I went antiquing with my wonderful mother in-law Mary. We went to Florence, which is a bout and hour and a half from her house.

I brought my audio book of stuff white people like which is hilarious and great for road trips as it does not really build on itself and it does not really matter if you stop and talk and are not really listening you can jump back in to it at anytime.

We took this for Mary's friend Cindy who wanted to soften up the ceiling at her business, and Mary happens to own an extra parachute. 

This bench was amazing detail below. 

It was thin veneer with holes punched in it to create designs.  

I love vintage mailboxes, my grandma works at the post office and when I was four or so I used to go to work with her and try to figure out the combination to open them. Don't worry I never figured it out.

But I love them, I am not sure what I would use if for but it does not stop me from wanting one. 

If this was not $450 and I knew what I could use it for I might have adopted it. 

I would love this for a walk-in closet, sweater storage on the bottom and shoe storage on the top. 

Nate-man, my incredibly awesome brother in-law is looking for dinning room chairs. 

I wish this printing would have been on the back instead of the bottom. 

The strike me as masculine and simple but still manage to have lovely detailing. 

These we would have had to repair the bottoms on but Leonard could do that no problem. 

We found these cream puffs at the Aspen Leaf Bakery there, they tastes just as good as they look. 

If you are ever in Florence you should stop in an eat.

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