Saturday, March 3, 2012


Marriages are based on things you have common love for (besides each other) complimented with enough differences to keep it interesting. It is said that they way to a man’s heart is though his stomach and I can tell you that it works the other way around too.  Mikey wooed/wowed me with wonderfully prepared dishes though out our friendship, through us dating and even now. The first time they had me over breakfast he cooked bacon that made me want to cry, perfectly crisp, coated in brown sugar, sprinked with the right amount of salt and pepper. You might be skeptical right now as I was when I heard the description but let me tell you if you ever ate it you too would be a convert. We love bacon, I have posted about adding bacon to other great things like a BLTA and Nate, Mike’s older brother and best man at our wedding had a chocolate bacon cupcake that we had made especially for him. If you have not tried these cupcakes let me tell you they are not that bad. Our bakery put maple syrup in the cake batter and it is reminiscent of pancake breakfast with chocolate. I generally stand by the saying that everything is better with bacon. One time when I was in Vegas I ordered a shrimp taco they asked me if I wanted bacon on it, nobody ever had before and let me tell you it was a revelation! So when I heard about this restaurant in New York City called FAT that cooked popcorn in clarified bacon fat I was ready for this adventure. We do try to have as little waste as possible in our household, and we make bacon a lot, but we also make popcorn a lot so it seemed like the perfect marriage, right after ours of course.  So I googled how you clarify bacon fat and it is quite easy, you fill a jar with water and pour all the drippings leftover from making the bacon in the jar, seal it and put it in the fridge. 

You let it cool  overnight and all the little bits sink to the bottom and the pure fat stay at the top. 

You then scoop out the hardened bacon fat. Put it in the pot warm it up and add the popcorn. I am not sure if we did something wrong, I know that fat can get rancid but ours was in the fridge the whole time and not more than a few days, on line is states that it can last for months. The smell was awful and stayed in the house for days and the popcorn was not good either. 

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