Tuesday, November 27, 2012

25 things under $25

The time of secret Santa's and white elephant parties. Here are a few of my choices that I would love to   unwrap:

Pure maple flakes $11.95. Not super expensive, they seem to decatant, lovely I would love to try them in cocoa and on sugar cookies. Not something I would buy for myself. 

Dr. Schulze's Air Detox 4 oz $24.00 Makes the room smell better, wards off sickness. 

Stained by Sharpie 8 count $19.49 I looked and looked for these at Joann's so that I could get them 50% off. Alas they do not carry them. What the crap? They carry every other kind of Sharpie except for these. I bought a green fabric marker of another brand, but I feel like I maybe delaying the project, because of it. 

Water color world map no. 6 $25.00 Love this would love it in the bedroom. 

The apothecary matchstick bottle small $15 I am loving candles in the house right now. This is way classier then a lighter. I would also not spend the money on this myself. They are sold out right now, but they think they will be in stock after the 30th.

Beeswax candle 6.3 oz for $21.00 burns for 48 hours and comes in a cute jar. I have been burning through all of the candles in the house right now so that I can can move to exclusively beeswax in the future. 

Rub and buff Spanish Copper .5 oz $13.43 Needed for an AMAZING upcoming project.

Young house love the book $17.30 no explanation needed. 

Electric oil warmer $20 For all those end of the candle bits and essential oils for when I need a break from honey. 

Apples to Apples Party Game Box

Happy Shopping!!!

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