Thursday, November 29, 2012

Commitment to get rid of 100 things October Edition

So I was definitely behind the train on getting in to young house love, despite hearing about it last year. Well about four months ago I finally had some time and I sat down to look at it. Fast forward to a few days later when I had looked at the whole darn thing. I love them, I wish they lived closer because I think we could be best buds. I admire the way they live their lives, their thrifty attitude, the commitment the environment & family, their quirky personalities and their love for the hunt.

I pinned a few things from their website and one of them was their post where they fulfilled their commitment to get rid of 100 things. In the beginning they thought it was a daunting project but once they got rolling they ended up getting rid of 222 things.  They started this project because they knew they were moving soon. Guess what we are too.

We are not moving super soon I think we have about seven months left. My husband will be going in to a PHD or graduate school program. I think we will be moving around the end of May. While we I do not live as edited in my possessions as those YH lovers. I am going to take a page from their book blog and work towards it. That is why I am quadrupling the project. My goal is to get rid of 100 things a month until we move. They do not all have to be big things as there will be at least 800, I started back in October so the first load will be classed to October even though it has come and gone. I went on a bit of a tangent knowing that we would be moving and purged a bunch of crap, seriously most of it was thrown away. I also played the game for two days if it does not have a home find it one or get rid of it. This corresponded with organizing my craft drawers. You will see throught this process that this is all my stuff. I am the one that has the hording problem. 

So to start clothes:

27 items, mostly shirts, most notable my Mudd Volleyball shirt from this year. I have gone every year for the past five years. I am not a big t-shirt person and I really did not like this years design. Out it goes. Also some 7 Of Mankind jeans I found at a thrift store for $5. Well my friend Melissa found them, but they fit me so I bought them. They had weird pockets, I can only remember seriously wearing them once. I just got caught up in the brand/price. Do not do that. 

The black dresser
a pair of shoes
lacy cartigan that is so cute but I have never worn.
4 bottles of V. Sattuii Mosacto empty bottles
box of stuff for old phones
box for the  bootineers for the wedding
glasses case
4 small canvases
hair tie tin
warped scrabble coaster I saved the letters I could
empty bottle of Dom
cocco tin
orange votive
iron candle holder
A colander
2 mugs
2 pop up tupperwares (pre bph)
4 bottle bottles (pre bph)
wine holder
3 clear glass votives
3 green taper candles
drawstring bag
hand held strainer
loose leaf tea holder
2 pillar candle bases
business card holder
wine arreroartor
contact case
Little green frame
age box
camera case
swatch watch
2 ice cube trays
2 packages of pipe cleaners
bracelet box
jeweler box
kids tin
Christmas ornament
plastic carring case
guitar pick necklace
medal from FBLA
cowboy figurine
2 wedding bells
key chain
hair clip
egyptian bracelet
4 furniture knobs
2 eye masks

Which was 4 over due to me buying 4 shirts at the Salvation Army last week. 4 in 4 out.  700 to go.

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