Sunday, November 28, 2010


So today was kind of crazy I started the day at Williams-Sonoma (wasn't I just there yesterday, why yes, yes I was). Today however I went to a cookie exchange class so we will be better prepared to run the one this year. Then I went to a Goodwill, I did not find a single thing. When I went to the ARC however:

$7.99 each, Jackpot! I needed to find more chairs for the table with the leaves that will now seat 8. These are very unique, I have one other set of 2 and the rest are all oddballs.Check out the beautiful rose detail:

So these chairs will be joining the six chairs from my previous chair post. They will all get a makeover with cream paint and a tweed seat cover with this fabric, you have all seen the color scheme from the condo's main rooms the slate blue, charcoal, cream and chocolate. In the dinning room I wanted to have something a little extra so we added green.

Just another project in the works. 

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