Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Metal Bendy Straws!!!

Have you ever had just an utterly fantastic weekend to have it all spoiled by one person that was just being a turd? I had one of those this weekend. It started off so wonderfully my uber talented brother took our amazing engagement pictures, here is an example:

You thought I was exaggerating when I said they were amazing, and that he is uber talented didn't you, don't worry we won't hold it against you. Then we had a fantastic relaxing and super productive weekend that we were lucky enough to spend with family. (Some of that productiveness will be posted tomorrow) Then on the way home I have an email, a facebook post, a text and a phone message all from someone that was going to be a turd. This situation caused me stress from Sunday night well into Monday morning. I decided then that I was not going to let it bug me anymore and let it go. But then something happened, my dear friend Christina brought my Monday to a level of bliss. Remember my What I Want For Christmas post? The first thing on there was Metal Bendy Straws from West Elm. I saw them on another blog and I was instantly in love <3 <3 I have an unnatural love for bendy straws, I use them a Chic Fil a even though I know they are intended for the kids meals, I have even been known to drink beer though them. In fact when Mike and I were dating he and Dustin always had them on hand when I would visit. 

One morning I was at work with my friend Chris and I was telling him that I was lusting over these metal bendy straws, the gave me the look like I was kinda crazy (as he often does) and I decided that if I showed him the picture of the metal bendy straws maybe he would understand. So I look them up on West Elm's website only to have this picture pop up:

Below this picture were three of the dirtiest words in the English language that could be applied to the situation:
No Longer Available

Coupled with the fact that this was three short days from when I had discovered them I was a little irate, then something that might have changed West Elm forever happened. A little box appeared asking me if I would like to take a short survey... :D Yep Sure would, I gave them some very direct concise feedback on how I thought it was very inconsiderate to take a new item off the website so close to Christmas, an item that was very cool and undoubtedly on many peoples wish lists. But I also found it to be mean spirited to leave the picture up so people could see what they wanted without any hope of being able to have it. Apparently it really did not change their minds as you still cannot buy the metal bendy straws, and they still have the picture up as unavailable.  

Anyway Chris had told my friend Christina about my little melt down and told her that he had found them on Amazon and that she should get them for me as a present. She did and it made my week, heck I am drinking sparkling water out of one of them now.

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