Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My First Estate Sale was at a Hoarders House.

On Friday after my haircut and facial I was on my way home and I was going to stop at the thrift stores that were between the spa and our house. I had been to two without any luck and then I saw a sign for an estate sale. I have never been to an estate sale before and I figured that January must be a pretty rough month and the deals might be good. So I went. Then I was getting scared what if I got there and there was no one else there would it be dangerous what if they were freaky bad people luring people (well women I would guess that the majority of people that go to estate sales are women) to do bad things to them. I decided that if there was not at least four other people there I would not go in. There was two blocks of cars for this thing. I knew I would be safe. So I went in. As soon as I got in I wanted out! It was a real live honest to goodness hoarder house. They must have had seven cats and I am REALLY allergic to cats, sometimes I cannot even endure a car ride with someone that has cats without being drugged. Remember how I said that there were two blocks of cars for this thing? Well this was a train that once you were on there was no getting out of. There was barely a walkway to walk through and no room to turn around. So I went through. I did find a few things. But I also counted sixteen wedding dresses and there were thirty empty wardrobe boxes in the back. Here are my treasures that cost me $7

Mod podge I always see people talking about it in blogland and I have never used it, It was sealed so I figured it would be fine. I also found a baggie in one of the desk drawers they sold me everything in this first photo for $1. Eight vintage typewriter balls you can see what I have done in the past with them here, and here. Then there was a cute little ruler and a little alligator snapper. 

The globe. I have wanted a globe for a long time but I always see them very expensively and cheap, this one was listed as a gift from the 1970's. I want to paint it with chalkboard paint and then chalk in the continents, I have a lot of chalkboard paint left over from my chalkboard pig. However I want this to be green chalkboard paint if there is such a thing. I learned that the Equator is the glue (or the sticker) that olds the glue together. I learned that when the equator came off when I was disinfecting the globe when I got it and everything else home. 

This was the "alligator snapper" I was talking about. I am really not sure what this is...
What do you think this is?
Really leave me a comment.

SO this is what I learned:

Things I like about estate sales, well priced unique items, and with this one, if you or more specifically I was not really as bought in to the purging for the New Year, this will help you a lot. I have taken three loads of things to goodwill since Friday. I texted Mike the other day to see if he was ok with me donating certain things and he laughed at me... extensively and said honey if there is something you are willing to part with by all means GET RID OF IT! I have taken a blow up mattress, its pump, two pairs of shoes, a digital picture frame, curtains, and a home improvement thing back since then because anything extra we have we do not need.

What I do not like about estate sales or at least this one, They sold the food (ickky), and the bath items some half used (gross), they had lots of cats, and I could not get out once I got in until everyone in front of me was ready. 


  1. I want to say it is a computer type thing in the times before computers. I vaguely remember Millie making a wreath out of strips of cardstock that had holes punched in them. I will ask Grandma and Pap when they come by today. She used to work in a bank and may know. Did it say Alligator Snapper on it? I searched that on the internet which knows everything and only learned about turtles.....

  2. SCORE, it is for writing braille. It seems to be quite old, you may want to check to see if it is worth something.

    What do I win?