Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wedding Wednesday

I have seen other blogs that every Wednesday they talk about weddings. I think that I will try to do that in the future and every Wednesday give you some progress on the wedding. This weekend Mary and I spend some quality time working on wedding things and tying up some projects. We had already done hours of work on the thank you notes that we finished this weekend. You can see the process that we followed from the link but just for some eye candy:

Then when Christy was in visiting from Florida, Melissa was staying for the visit and Sandy was up before a party we started working on the outermost part of the invitation cards. My friend Aaron at work had designed  the aspen tree scene to my specifications and then Melissa had pain-stakenly ripped, embossed and cut out leafs for the invites, see all of her handy work here. This is what we assembled and Mary and I finished them this weekend:

There are about one hundred and forty of these. Since there are not that many invites that are going out (think couples and families) I plan on creating the programs in the rest of them as everything I read tells me that you should only make enough programs for forty percent of your guests. 

Now that we have the engagement pictures done we can start thinking about the save the dates I want them to be sent off in a month or so. I had purchased some maybe two years ago when I was planning on having a Tiffany blue wedding. That is no longer the color scheme. I will be able to convert them not only to go with the color scheme of the wedding but to fit in the left over invite envelopes. This is what the sample looks like:

There is a Tiffany blue boarder all the way around which I cut off this weekend so that they are just white. I may be adding some green, blue or wood grain to them before they go out. 

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