Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New backpack

So as a gift from work I was given this backpack:

Well I guess I should say that I had a choice of many items and I chose this backpack. I am a pretty outdoorsy person. I enjoy making smores, camping, hiking, fishing ect. What I really DON'T enjoy is backpacking. I had a VERY bad experience with one of my ex-boyfriends. I swore that I would NEVER go backpacking again, but in every relationship there is give and take and as it turns out this is one of those areas where I need to give in. For those of you out there that think I might be acting a little extreme about one hiking trip let me tell you that I almost died literary multiple times on this trip, That a four hour hike ended up taking nine and the "lake" that was at the top had dried up. Because there was a "lake" at the top of this mountain he suggested since I was new we only take enough water to get to the top and then we could use our water purification stuff to make more drinking water. So the water we had brought was enough for four hours, see how this is very bad?

Anyways it did not fit right so I brought it to REI and traded it in for store credit and went to try some on with a very helpful team member named Sarah. The first one I liked and it was priced comparably to my credit. The second one was about a hundred dollars more and the second I put it on I was relieved as it was not comfortable. I had mad up my mind to get the first one when Sarah said much better this one fits you so well that first one would have given you issues...

So I left the REI with only a headlamp in hopes to go back in spring when they have a larger selection and hopefully when they are on sale. 

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