Monday, January 17, 2011

After Christmas Loot

I know that I am behind but when I was in my thirteen days of silence I happened to walk through target the day that the Christmas decor hit 90% off. I had read on someone else's blog and that they had gotten a bunch of cookie cutters. I was looking for those but when I got there I found something else. There was an abnormal amount of ornaments. I got a lot. They were all $.60. I bought over 200 of them. Mostly the mixed one on the left ten boxes of those. Four of the plain chrome, four of the clear and the other two shown at the bottom.

I also got snow vase filler for $1.24 each, these accessories kits for $1 each, and all sorts of snowflakes.  

Back to the ornaments at the time I was very afraid that the twilight Christmas tree would not be able to be stored without being broken, however my wonderful fiancĂ©e Mike took care of it. My great friend Cindy had sent me this link about the Christmas Tree Ornament Mobile. This is where I will be going next year

It will be great and for less than $20... See a great how to here


  1. Yay!! I love that you will be attempting this tree! I will have to wait until the after christmas sales next year to get all the ornaments, so instead I will love your tree in 2011 and do mine the next year :-)

  2. Oh, and check it out, a much bigger scale version :-)