Monday, March 7, 2011

Bathroom Linen Closet Redo

There is a double door linen closet in our master bathroom it is one of the things that really drew me to the condo, the master bathroom and the kitchen. This linen closet is AMAZING! If I could change anything I would make it a little deeper. But it is better than anything I have ever had before. 

You can see that it was pretty messy, about wishing it was a little deeper, when Mikey folds the towels the doors won't shut, but how can you say anything when he is folding them. I also store all of my paint in there as we have an external garage and that does not work in Colorado. 

We started shopping at Sam's Club which is great but there is definitely a huge stock pile of toilet paper for just the two of us. I already took a labeler to a bunch of shoe storage to have like items together so I did not have to mess with that this time. 

I also have all of my CDs and Software in there which is kind of weird but since they are all already loaded on my Ipod or my computer they are all just long term storage anyway. 

So I refolded all of the towels, reorganized all of the cleaning products and filled the entire second shelf with toilet paper. 

All of those containers on the top shelf are empty.

On the other side there were sheets (see the West Elm duvets in there), extra products and paint on the bottom I had to put down some of that spongy drawer liner stuff because two of them have rust on the bottom. 

The top two shelves really did not change much. 

Then I added the little hook for our paint key because I am always loosing it. 

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