Thursday, March 10, 2011

$1.30 day at Salvation Army

Ok I will admit, it was not really $1.30 day. What happened was that out of everything that I wanted only one thing had a price so they just charged me $1.30 for each thing I had found.

  • A bunch of disco balls for a flower arrangement during the holidays. I love disco balls do you remember the disco ball Christmas ornaments that I made? Well I think these will accent those really well and they can still hang out for New Years.
  • Brass Snowflakes.
  • A teal and brown ceramic tray, I think it was originally a sushi tray. 
  • A snow blanket.

I really suprised myself earlier in the year with a couple of other purchases from the ARC for the office. The At Once and Later brass clips and this three section divider. I used to loathe brass you can read my whole post about that here. I do not plan to paint any of these either. 

On a completely different note do you remember those cute little rose chairs that I got at the ARC? What you don't? Oh well that is my bad. Here is a reminder.

I got them for $7.99 each, here is a little detail:

Well I decided to start this project and as I started stripping away the layers I got irritated with how many layers there were...

I must say that that these have been sitting in my garage for a few months, and they may have been covered in some dust. However, I would NEVER (or expect anyone else for that matter) cover more fabric over dust and dirt. This was nas-ty. So gross. After I pealed back the many layers of fabric, batting and    plastic I decided that none of that had a chance at staying in our house. Sadly though neither will the wood on the bottom. Hopefully I can get new one's cut. I was frustrated but not completely derailed. I took them out to strip them I started with one and that is were I stopped after three coats of stripper that I scrapped off and it is still no where near being done. Then I stopped. Hopefully I will start off before another three months go by. 

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