Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Birthday

My Birthday is coming soon (in one month to be exact) and I was trying to figure out just what it is that I want. I came up with a few things:

The Domino decorating book I am still amazed that I do not have it.

The Real Simple book 869 uses for old things (Not anymore I picked this up the other day):

The Boxcar Children Cookbook:

Then I remembered that the Boaders by my house is going out of business I stopped by the other day to see if they have any of my books. It was a complete mess in there utter chaos. I did find the Real Simple book, there was actually another one that I saw there but it was not on my list and I figured that I should not buy it. I looked through it and it seemed to be pretty consistent with the one that I got It was not until I read the forward of the 869 where they stated that it was a combination of everything they had learned from the last ten years that I felt comfortable putting it back on the shelf.

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