Sunday, March 6, 2011

New TV area

So we had been having issues with our TV for a few weeks and we had been working with Best Buy to get it fixed, well it turns out that it was less for them to replace it then to try and fix it so we got a new TV. It was a pretty amazing time for this to happen since this is the tv transition time and they are getting all the new models in soon, so all of last years models are clearance. We had a very basic LCD tv. It was a Samsung 40 inch 60 hz 1080p TV. Which had suited us fine at the time but since we upgraded all of our audio at Christmas it was now lacking. We now have a 46 inch LED LCD from Sony it is 240 hz 1080p TV. Much better, and because it was an outgoing model and the credit we received from our last TV it was only $300 diffrence for the TV and a new service plan. Since we were brining home a new TV I thought that the TV area could use a little sprucing up you remember what it used to look like?

Those were Mike's old speakers, our new ones sit on the floor on the sides of the cabinet. There was no canvas's behind where they were, which I had to fix. This also happened right around the time that I had switched out the duvets on the futon so all the flowers in the room were gone. I consider my decorating pretty masculine however I needed a touch of the feminine so enter the cherry blossoms that I found at a great antique store while visiting my friend Christy in Florida a few years ago. This seller was leaving the antique business and was selling everything at slashed prices. The cherry blossoms were originally gold, and someone had painted them cream. After I bought them and got them home in one piece I painted them teal to go with my apartment at the time, they were never hung though so I found them in their teal glory.

I had a hard time deciding what color to paint them, should they be gray like the walls, cream, brown or blue like the kitchen? So I asked Mike and he liked them brown. He suggested that I spray paint them due to all the nooks and crannies however one day I was bored and it was snowing and I had brown paint...

So I piled up some hot glue to make bases on the back and then I used that command velco tape to connect them to the canvas. I think it adds just the right amount of something. I realized that I had never hung these up the whole time that I had have them which has been around three years now I figured if you love something it really should be up. 

On the right side there is the globe that I painted with chalkboard paint. I will post a tutorial on it soon. 

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