Saturday, March 19, 2011

Shoes Storage and a new Coffee table

I sometimes get a little punky after reading other blogs and seeing some of the amazing deals that they find. It makes me a little bitter when I see that for example Kristy over at A Little Bit of Sanity and A Lot of Chaos found a darling crystal chandelier at Goodwill for $6.99 it was not without a ton of elbow grease that she as able to turn it in to fabulous fixture for her closet. Meanwhile when I find individual crystals they are marked at $3. I had pondered last week on the way home stopping at the Salvation Army on the way home, I did not really feel like it however. It is not like the good stuff stays. So I went to check and I am so glad that I did. Do you remember one of my first posts was about my bafflement on what to do for shoe storage? Well I found a Thomasville dresser for $75. The tag said that it had just been put out on the floor that day. I wanted to buy it that exact second the craftsmanship was equisite dovetailed drawers wood burned branding and art deco hardware which I love even though it is brass but Mike is not fond of. I wanted his approval so I texted him and told me to call me on his way home so that we could go look at a few things. I was terrified that when we got back it would not be there, they do not hold and once you buy you cannot return. I have been working hard to create our space in the new condo, and I wanted his approval since this and the coffee table would be very prominent elements.

I took FOREVER for him to get home that day. Then we rushed over everything was still there Yay! I showed him the coffee table first:

This was the herringbone travertine tabletop that had me at hello...

If you remember I had been on the hunt for the perfect ottoman, however the times of the table and the substantialness of it, it is 44 inches only 4 inches less then our dinning room table when the leaves are not in it. 

I hate the color of the wood it is so seventies. I will strip and sand and then have Mike stain it black if you had not noticed the pictures of it at home on our rug already he agreed that it was wonderful and we should take it home it was $30 which it a pretty good price considering it is so solid. I love the line under the table and how it mimics the line of our dinning room table, which it will soon match even more. 

Then I brought him over to the dresser, he was unsure at first for a few reasons, he did not like the art deco hardware:

Which I think is fantastic, sure maybe some primer and paint if they were silver or black he might be more inclined to like them.

I still think that I will use these for the upcoming desk project maybe I can get some copper spray paint or have them plated to match the penny top. I always wanted that desk to have three drawers. Anyway with out any further delay the pieces de resistance:

I love the grain and while origionally I thought I would want to strip, sand and stain this black as well I love how it brings out the darker tones in the floor. Mike wants hardware that will match the entertainment center. So we will be on the look out. The left double doors have his shoes the right mine.

We just took the shoe dividers out of the generic white shoe holders that we had and put them in. Unfortunately right now they are a little to big to fit the way we want eventually we will cut them down and then they will fit lengthwise. 

First drawer games that Squabble box has five Scene it games in it. 

The second has some of my favorite flats. 

The third Dyson accessories. 

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