Sunday, March 13, 2011

When it rains it pours, right now I wish I had an umbrella

So we all know the saying and it definitely applies to me right now. The last few weeks have been tough, and I know that it is not going to just get better right away but I have been counting the days down to the change. Then on Friday I found out that everything might be pushed back. WELL THAT DID NOT MAKE ME HAPPY. Actually it made me frantic, sad, mad, and made me cry a lot. My wonderful friend Melissa came over today to try and help distract me. So I would get my behind off the couch. That is how I have been spending too much of my time lately lying on the couch watching TV, hiding out waiting for things to change. Today Melissa came over and we were on the couch less that twenty minutes. Melissa is a true friend that I am very grateful to have, you can read more about some of the arduous tasks that she has done for me for our upcoming wedding here.

Miss came over and was uber patient with me it was not really ready for her to come over, or I guess I had just not gotten everything ready yet. So we kind of fumbled around for a while, getting things set up, bringing up the frame for the cork project (Which you can read about here even though the title is misleading as it stated that the project was coming soon and that was November and it is now March...) This project I really need to get a move on (kind of like my taxes) of course I want it done before the wedding, just like all the chairs for the dinning room, because let's face it a lot of people will come for your wedding and that might be the only time they see your house so it better be good. Plus I like things to be coordinating or complementary to each other and I had the best loot day a few days back (post soon to come) that resulted in a herringbone travertine round coffee table that stylistically tied in to our kitchen table. It will also bring in the herringbone pattern else where in the condo. Even stylistic elements need friends. Do you notice that my rambling is kind of like what Miss went through today?

So today we worked on stripping four chairs and four table legs from my childhood kitchen table. You can read the story of my collection of these particular chairs in this post. I did not take any pictures of the table legs yet and it will be a LONG time before that project ever gets done but that side sofa table will hopefully have a herringbone travertine top to coordinate with the coffee table. Stripper works on different surfaces in different ways:

Enter blue chair, we only worked on stripping one today, see how it is cracking and bubbling the paint? That is one thing that it can do. To see all of my blue chairs open this post, that second to last one is not making the cut for the new dinning room. So I showed Miss how to deconstruct the upholstery as I am saving it for another project, I will save the story of why it is so sentimental for that post since this one is SOOOO long and honestly not really close to being over yet. 

This chair invoked a chemical reaction that involved the stripper turning green, weird. I was trying to explain to Melissa how funny I thought this chair was. Originally it was black and I am pretty sure it was from World Market, then someone bought it and painted it cream. They did a really shotty job too. Not that I can claim to be above that because I bought it at a thrift store and proceeded to paint it black, without striping, sanding or priming it first. Which is very unlike me. Mikey always says that if a project is not super complicated then I am probably just not that intrested in doing it. I think I got this chair right after I had finished making over all of my blue chairs and I was probably really sick of all of that. I just found it humorous because it was black then someone painted it cream, to have me buy it and paint it black only to now be stripping it to be painting it cream. Does anyone else think that this is funny... anyone?

Oh and then there are the little rose chairs, you can see me post about them here, which is kind of a lie because one of the chairs went home with Melissa tonight so I really only have seven and I will need to find one more to make eight. Also the fabric that I am going to be using to upholster all of these incredibly glorious  cream chairs are on that post. You can also read about how gross/unloved/under appreciated they were by their previous owners in this post.

Well after doing three coats of stripper on each chair and really only completely finishing two. We decided that it was time for a change of pace. So we came inside to visit with Mike and make some almond butter in my blender. Melissa made her's just fine. I decided that when I was making mine I would take the top off, well I blended my tamper. BAD move. I Luver my blender as you can see me talk about it here, here, and here, there are also three other mentions under just blender but if you are really that interested you can put it in the google bar on this page. I am pretty sure this post is a record of some kind for the amount of links it has. Mike promply ordered me a new tamper for the blender. I love that man. But I was still fuming at my stupidity. 

This is when we decided to change our activity again, Melissa wanted some floating shelves for her living room and we had decided to go thrifting today and look. We went to four of my favorite (well nearby) stores.   One shelf was found at the last store and until that point we had only donated, no purchasing had occurred. To be fair the shelf she got was not floating it will need brackets but it was solid. I usually just look through the housewares, I never go through the clothes, Miss was looking for a sweater when she came across some seven for all mandkind jeans that were, wait for it $4.99. They looked like they might be close to my size so she gave them to me to try on and they fit like a glove. YAY! I also found a cute guess sweater for $3.49. So we were in pretty good spirits when we headed back to my place. Then we sat in the hot tub for an hour. 

When we were cleaned up I went to the kitchen to get some sparkley water only to find out it was not cold, at all. DUNT DUNT DUN... Tut tut it looks like (more) rain. I started feeling things in the fridge nothing was cold. Crap. We had been having some adjustment issues with our fridge freezer lately where it did not seem like it was cold enough in the fridge so we adjusted the setting and it seemed way too cold in the freezer so we adjusted that setting. Well now the freezer was on the lowest setting but was really cold and the fridge was on the coldest setting and it was warm. Just for added suspense I had a really large grocery shopping trip this week. Mike and I took everything out of the freezer and he realize that the vents that go from the freezer to the fridge were frozen solid. How that happens I am unsure. He took off the ice maker and the back of the freezer and this is what we found:

Umm, not good. Fast forward to an hour later after boiling water and a very tired blow dryer:

The good thing about the situation was I had been meaning to clean out the fridge/freezer for a while, which I finally did, we got rid of somethings that were past their prime and I made really good marinade out of two Asian salad dressings and orange marmalade. I also planned out the meals for the week based on using things we need to get rid of. I also found a jar of apple butter and found a recipe that I will make for tasty Tuesdays one of these weeks. For now I am going to try and got to bed, it is spring forward weekend so it is not 1:25am right now it is 2:25am I have to be up in 4.5 hours to get ready for work and I have not slept yet. Please let me sleep and if possible can tomorrow be sunny without the chance for rain?

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  1. Though somewhat lengthy, I LOVED this post. THANK YOU MISS, for being with my Toady! I wish I could have been there.
    My favorite quote
    Even stylistic elements need friends.
    Sending internet love,
    The Mommy