Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kitchen Sink Quiche

Kitchen Sink Quiche - Tasty Tuesday

I got the idea for this when Melissa and Christy were here for New Years. We had been cooking so much and had so many odd cooked vegetables left over. So I used some pie crust I had in the freezer that time I think that was the very last premade pie crust I ever used. Now I just use the sour cream pie crust I made in big batches and put in the freezer. I take one out the day before and then I roll it out.

This one I made for Mikey and I had bacon, the one I made with the girls did not. Cook all the kitchen sink stuff before adding it. 

For this one I added Rosemary potatoes and carmalized onions to the bacon but you can add whatever you have around, that is kind of the point. 

Then you add the cheese, and cover that with eggs it really depends on how much other stuff you have put in there, whisk them up one by one until you know how many you will need. I usually end up using five or six. 

Then we put it in the fridge and we can eat it every morning for a week. 

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