Thursday, November 4, 2010

Teal Bamboo Lamp

I have been saving, and documenting the projects that have happened in between my original posts and then the posts from the last few days. First off my teal lamp. I love this lamp, and it was even better because it was almost completely made out of things I already owned. It will end up in the orange room, which you got a glimpse of in the hutch post yesterday. My finance picked it out, I wanted this really lovely light teal color for the main bathroom (that is almost done pictures will be posted soon) so we compromised I got my teal and he got to pick the color for the guest room. If I knew he was going to pick orange I might have reconsidered. It really freaked my out for a few weeks. They also gave us the wrong color initially and it looked like creamy tomato soup. Everything was straightened out and eventually after stumbling on a tropical bedroom set that I had from a previous guest room I decided everything would be okay. There will be more posts about the guest room in the future as it the current project room. But for now,
My Teal Bamboo Lamp

I was at the mall a few months ago and I saw this great lamp at Crate and Barrel, it had me at teal. You can find it here.

It gave me an idea. Close to a decade ago I purchased a teal bamboo vase from Before both bamboo and are as popular as they are today. Believe it or not back then teal happened to be my second choice, I really had wanted a red one. But I had been watching it for a while and it was an early version of micro lending. I loved the cause and it was the first time that I had heard of anything like it. So I purchased the teal one (the love of all things teal came years later). When I was writting this I went back to see what they had on the Worldstock at the O and saw they are back, you can get them for $24.99 at the following link Bamboo Vase (Vietnam), as of today they are saying sell out risk is very high. 

 The lamp shade is something that I found one day pursing the clearance section at Target. I also love circles. That was enough paired with the sale price. For years both items sat in storage. The vase never seemed to compliment the flowers that I had received that were large enough to fill it. It had never been used. I knew I could do better than the hoopla. With the aid from a simple lamp base from target boutique and my wonderful fiancĂ©e I now have this…

Love, love, love it!

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