Friday, November 19, 2010

Guest Room Light

There was this light fixture I bought years and years ago and never did anything with.*

Then I took crystals that I had and strung them together with fishing wire, using a pencil to make sure they were equally spaced.

Then I hung them on the light fixture.

There are five different strings rotated around the light. 

This light did not have a cap. At first I thought that it did not have a lighting kit so I bought one at Urban Outfitters only to find that it had a lighting kit just not a ceiling cap. Ironically neither did the light kit so back it went. I looked at Home Depot and Lowes, I looked at IKEA and finally I went to the ARC and found this monster bohemith lighting fixture that was brass. It was priced at $5, that day everything was 50% off. I wish I had happened to have pliers in the car because then I could have just disconnected it there and went around back to re-donate it. That did not happen I had to bring it home lug it upstairs, have Mikey disconnect it, lug it back downstairs and re-donate the next day. I brought the cap outside primed and painted it white. 

*Do you see a theme developing here? It was all with good intent. When I was in high school I was always friends with people that were older than me. I would go over to their house or apartments all the time and I began to notice a common theme. All had just recently moved out from their parents house. Living on their own for the first time, paying real bill for the first time. They would make pizza three or four times a week and they did not own a pizza cutter. I was hard to be paying rent for the first time, all your other bills and still have money to but the essentials. That is when I started buying all of the essentials, and some non essentials to have on hand when I moved out. I have wonderful parents and I lived at home for the majority of the time I was in college, this allowed me to create a pretty big stock pile. Granted some of the decor choices from high school were never used, as my tastes have changed. As we are getting settled I am constantly "finding" more treasures to use or make in to something else. I also have been giving a lot of things away. I am trying to weed out some of the excess and if I don't think I am going to use it again I do my best to get rid of it.

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