Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Melissa the Magnificent!

This post is dedicated to the awesomeness that is Melissa. Melissa is one of my bridesmaids. They asked me to give them all projects. So I did. They were all pretty big projects. Both Christy and Kristy were given yards and yards of cream fabric to cut into various sized pedals for flowers. And Melissa got the paper projects. The idea was that I would get everything back on New Years.

Well Melissa SURPRISED me today. We went to a meeting today and afterwards she said she had something for me in her car. It was every project I gave her, completed. There were these embossed leaves that she was just going to stamp and then I was going to have a bunch of people over and we would all cut them out. No magnificent Melissa already cut them out. Melissa, you are the best kind of over achiever and I am so blessed that you are helping me with the wedding. The really astonishing part was after the probably 20-30 hours that she has put in on this in the last six weeks, she asked what her next project would be... I freaking love you!

Here is the stash of what I got back minus the napkins.

 These are the napkins, there is 300 of them I got them at IKEA at my very first IKEA trip. 

 300 were $3 and all hand embossed by Melissa. By the custom monogram embosser I designed
 There are 150 of these one for each of the invitations.

 150 of these which had to be punched out of sheets and then embossed. 

 This is a leaf that I drew and had a custom embosser made. She punched and cut out over 300 of these. 

 These I did not even ask her to do she just made for the reception tables with our monogram,
she even cut them out like leaves, there are a few hundred of these. 

These are from a Martha Stewart punch, probably 300 or 400. 


Now as promised the pictures from my first trip to IKEA. Denver will be getting one in July. I get excited every time I drive the site. 

 Tiffany, Christy and Melissa


  1. Awww! I love you too. It gave me a reason to have mini-marathons! It was fun and got my craftyness going. <3 Thank you for the opportunity!!

    **Guests to the upcoming wedding, please remember the hand-embossed napkins if you choose to blow your nose with them. Thank you.**

  2. Melissa I love you!

    * Guests please do not blow your noses in my napkins...

  3. May I wipe away tears of Joy with said napkins????

  4. Yes, but there will also be vintage hankies for the taking that will be provided at the ceremony.