Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thank You Notes

Before you read this I will admit to doing things completely backwards. I have been looking for the save the dates that I had purchased on deep clearance a few years ago from Target to see if I can make them work. I bought 2 different styles to try and get enough but the ones I was really happy about had Tiffany Blue trim and envelopes the envelopes will definitely have to be replaced. Well I looked like five places where I thought they would be and they were not, in any of them. I did not start working on the invitations because a. they scare me and there will be a lot of publisher and configuration to make them print right and b. I did not want to take the other printer that I had to buy because my printer will not print card stock all the way up to Mikey's parents house just to get it set up and have it run out of ink. So I decided to work on the thank you notes instead. They are very miticulous, and I spent eight hours working on them myself yesterday and then three hours with Mary. We both probably put in two hours today and we have about 100 of the 150 done.

15 sheets by 10 cuts per sheet 150 cuts, the little blue squares I am not sure what to do with yet. 

50 sheets 4 cuts per sheet 200 cuts, the square pieces I will use in the programs the rectangle piece I cut in half and will be using them for meal markers.

150 ready to be assembled. Somehow I forgot to show how I cut the wood paper, I cut it in a way that I yielded fifteen rectangles per sheet and ended up with fifty little squares that I will use for favor markers. 

After the wood was added. 

Than Mary patiently attached all of the black ribbons to hide the seam, while I traced each of the monograms (which Melissa individually embossed), so you could not see the white perforated edges. (which I am also missing pictures of).


I think they are pretty AMA-ZING!

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