Thursday, December 9, 2010

Brown does not scream Christmas

Brown on a Christmas ornament? Yeah, it would not be my first choice either. It is however a part of our decor. I decided to use it on three ornaments. Just with 1/4 ribbon because I felt there was enough bling to balance it out.

It all started with two disco balls. One used to hang over my review mirror when I first started driving. That would be the one with the mirror missing from the top the sun melted it off one day. 

This was from a Santa Paws display.

I never saw the movie but here is a shot.


Remember these from my what I want for Christmas post

I did not have to buy anything for this project, everything was free or I already had. 

I started this one off with brown ribbon.

Then I used part of the jewel belt that were too short for the vintage typewriter ball no. 2.


Back to the disco balls, I put some hot glue down and then seared the ribbon and then used four pins to secure them to the foam. 

Then I added hot glue on top of this. 

Then we tied a knot leaving room and then filled it with glue. 

Then I tied a bow. 

Once this one had the second layer or jewels it was ready to go. 


  1. Great idea!! I have the disco ball ornaments and can't wait to customize them to my own colors!!!

  2. Thanks! What color are you going to customize yours with?