Friday, December 10, 2010

On the hunt for a great ottoman.

We have wanted a great ottoman for a while. There are a few requirements:

  1. It must be comfy, cushy on top and I want it to be tufted. 
  2. It must be long enough for both of us to have our feet up at once and since the couch we want is ninety-six inches it needs to be substantial.
  3. Because the sofa will be brown leather it cannot be brown or leather,
  4. It must have a drawer or two so that we can fit in remotes and controllers. 
  5. Other storage would be great, maybe something I could put baskets in that could hold blankets, games and current craft projects. 
I was blog surfing the other day and I saw this:

Add a few drawers to this and make it longer and it would fit the bill. I saw one the other day at the Salvation Army that would work but it was $50 and I just was not willing to pay that. It did have two drawers and then a space on top where I could put baskets. It did not sit right on the ground which I liked it was raised up on feet. The top was glass but we could convert it easy enough. I did not look at it to closely to see if it was real wood that we could sand down and stain black or if it  would have to be primed and painted. For the cushion I would use the hounds-tooth patteren that I had found at Denver Fabrics that I was intending to make pillows for the couch out of anyway. 

It brings the green in. 

*Todays projects are going pretty well, I will post about them tomorrow. A lot of things are still drying and I have already had to repaint once since I tried to get them to early. So I have decided to let them dry overnight and continue in the morning. On a sadder note one of the top doors broke today when I was sanding it. Mikey does not have the clamps here to fix it so we will have to bring it with us when we go to see Leonard and Mary for Christmas. So the whole hutch should be intact for Christy's visit but for Josh, Dustin, and Jen we will be down one door. Regardless I am going to try and make sure everything else is done. There was a lot of good progress today.

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